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Nepal Travel Guides
Nepal Travel Guides

Best Time to Visit Nepal

Nepal is at about 20 digree N latitude. Spring, summer (monsoon), fal and winter are not much differentiated in the subtropical lowlands but at 2000m elevation and above the four seasons are distinguishable. The seasons most suitable for trekking are spring, fall and winter, leaving out the june to September monsoon season. In spring from march to may (pre-monsoon) the days grow longer and temperatures rise; flowers bloom and all turns green-aspringlike feeling pervades. There is more rainfall than in fall and winter. In april rhododendrons begin to bloom; in the greenery of may there is much haze, but from the middle of the month rain showers, precursor to the monsoon, increase. From October to November (postmonsson) the weather is good, making this the best season for trekking. Even at 5000m passes there is little snow; the pass are easy to cross during calm conditions. In November, the weather becomes colder and winds grow stronger. In winter from December to February weather is generally settled. But the days are shorter as the cold increases and it is difficult to cross passes of over 5000n due to strong winds. Occasional bad weather due to atmospheric lows can bring snow-fall And when the snow does not melt due to low temperatures, this can hinder flights to lukla or jomsom. Generally in the mountains a mist develops in the afternoon, making clear weather at nightfall rare. This is due to great temperature variations.

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